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Travel agency Kipling & Clark in the United States announced in May, 2009 "Top 10 luxury hotels in Asia". Hotel, hotel, and best 10 of the high reputation titer are introduced at the luxury hotel (The inn in Japan is contained) in an Asian whole area, and a little unexpected ? for the Japanese. The result came out.

- Tawaraya and the holly shop of the long-established inn big three : to 1st place.
Tawaraya inn, holly shop inn, and charcoal shop inn made the long-established inn big three where tradition and status of Kyoto exist. Tawaraya and the holly shop are a isotopies very and a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus stripes linguas in that in 1st place. As the Japanese, it is the one glad in a little unexpectedness that a traditional inn of the Sumikazu style of not a foreign affiliate high-level hotel but Japan received high acclaim. It is entirely soaked in the traditional culture in Japan, and seems to be acknowledged Japan of an uppermost quality over minuteness to be to be finish skilled as a fantastic experience for VIP in the world in the mind from tea-ceremony dishes from which it entertains it.

There are Tawaraya and a holly shop according to the Nakagyoku Kojiya-cho in the vicinity of the instinct temple. One of the oldest inns in Kyoto in about 300 years.  establishment of TawarayaOld is a high-level inn where Bn, Yastoshitool Ohisa, and Iwakura Tomomi, etc. commute, and represent Japan that allows one's name to be added the customer list the head of each country and the throne now. Popularity is very high, and it is famous because the reservation is not taken easily.

Circularity of the amenity is wonderful even if it is called an inn with the tradition, and modern equipment is in order.
A clean Japanese-style room and the feeling in bed assumed to be spacious are the highest, original beddings, and wooden bathtubs that can relax in a relaxed manner.
Each one of the inn internal space is delicate, it overflows in the mind of an entertainment ..fine quality.. Japanese, and fresh impression is given to people who visited. The fee is about 50,000 yen-70,000 yen.
Establishment of about 200 holly shop on the other hand year. The inn that Yasunari Kawabata makes to the favorite hotel, Yukio Mishima and Chaplin stayed, and is known. It consists of the main building of the checkered shop making of two wooden stories and the new building. The spot garden where green is beautiful can be wanted from the guest room, and enough emotion. Finish a skilled, high-level inn of the air of ancient city Kyoto. The fee is about 30,000 yen-90,000 yen.


- The resort in the mountain range in the sea that not is : to the epistatic.
"Four Seasons resort Chiang Mai" in the Malm valley in Thailand came in 2nd place.
A vast upmarket resort that extends to the mountain range where one the world is concluded only in premises at the hotel.
The resort of the mountain range on the beach that not is is a point where the epistatic is interesting though there is an image along the sea as for the resort. The buffalo is seen to be able to command a view from the balcony of a beautiful pastoral landscape, and for the rice field to be cultivating on the premises here. The residence style style of gorgeous Thailand.  a sweet all ..guest room.. rooms

"Oriental Hong Kong of the mandarin" and "Oriental Bangkok of the mandarin" came in 3rd place.
It renews in 2006, and mandarin Oriental Hong Kong in which the practice lingua tradition is located in 1963 is a luxury and is for and, in addition, ..fine quality.. upgrade.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is the first West style hotel in Bangkok with the tradition of about 130 years.
The epistatic is always occupied by the ranking of a lot of magazines as a hotel where the service of the maximum level is received.

High level inn "Gora flower bed" in Hakone is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus stripes lingua in 4th place. The style refined in modern and the West defending a traditional Japanese culture was assessed high.

- It means it not having the brand power to the assessment of a Japanese inn.
It is the one of a well-known resort group and the hotel group that the ranking of this "Top 10 luxury hotels in Asia" is seen and understands all in worldwide excluding "Hotelobmodan'art" of three high-level inns and China in Japan. Even if it is small-scale, Hotelobmodan'art is all high-quality luxury hotels that were in Guilin suburbs, and unified from the architectural style to the interior by a modern design.
Even if it has neither high reputation titer nor the brand power, a long-established inn in only one Japan in such a hotel and the world means and an essential, universal goodness means transmitting firmly. Moreover, fine that the depth of the traditional culture of Japan and the inn entertained was perceived to be a maximum level worldwide. It will be able to be said that this ranking is shown a big possibility a high-level inn in Japan appeals to an overseas well-to-do population and exists.

Japan is good country!
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  are the minimum levels after an interval of four months as for 70% to which Tokyo is assumed to be 67.6% and profitable line of business. The foreigner and the business guest parting advanced, and "New influenza" sounded in Osaka, too. Maintenance and superiority or inferiority are ..85%.. clear in modestly-priced net sales while Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. Tokyo (Tokyo and port) etc. fall below 50%.  strong Keio Plaza Intercontinental Hotel (Shinjuku)The rate war overheats, and the previous year has cracked to the guest room unit price across the board.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. examined main hotel operating ratio of Tokyo 22 and Osaka 18. Operating ratio is a numerical value into which the room where it actually stayed is divided by the number of all guest rooms (Include it while redecorating), and, in general, 80% or more is a standard of sound management. When 70% is dropped below, it is said falling Yasui from the business deficit. Average operating ratio of Tokyo decreases 6.2 points compared with the previous year this moon. Osaka is a previous year proportion.
It fell by as many as 17.1 points, and 67.8% of minimum in May, 2003 was also large and it fell below in recent years when Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) went around.


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  in every country in the world that the assessment was the highest, and the low rank was French. This company announced by the tenth.

The implementation of the investigation in June for about 4500 hotel affiliates.
The assessment of nine items such as the foreheads of the politeness and the chip of the traveler of 27countries was asked.

A Japanese traveler is top in the paucity etc. of the politeness, cleanness, quietness, the complaint, and dissatisfaction.
British people followed in the composite score and 2nd place and the Canadian followed in 3rd place. In 4th place, the German and 5th place are Swiss.

The low rank in 27countries the adaptability to the foreign language, the generosity, and French's forehead etc. of the chip.
The politeness and the attitude whole were 26th place.
Greek people and Turk stood in a row in 26th place in Spanish and 24th place in the composite score.

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It is expected, "The prospect is certain as manufacture moves the base to Tohoku" in the Mitsui Fudosan group though the construction of the hotel comes one after another in Sendaishi, and the hotel affiliate expects the hotel guest's win competition , saying that "The depression from the last autumn, demand is a moderation Shite descending, and the supply is an excess feeling".

It is the first in Tohoku as "Mitsui Garden hotel". A large bathroom with the outdoor hot spring only for those who stay is provided in the garret, and the high quality such as excellent elevators in the crime prevention that stops only in the staying floor is sales. The fee is from 9450 yen, and room types of the 10 species are prepared. "Aim at operating ratio 80 percent in the third year" of the aim and this group is a business guest on the weekday and the family guests on the weekend.

Previous year proportion 2500 goes up to ..increase.. about 12,800 according to other Sendaishi the number of the hotel in the city of total guest rooms (As of December last year). The practice of foreign affiliate high-level hotel "Westin hotel Sendai" will be scheduled to the tall building of the under construction on the Tohoku school junior high school and the high school site in Aobaku 1 town next summer.

Private credit research company's Teikoku Data Bank Sendai branch office assumes, "The business trip demand has the possibility of falling into the price competition because of decrement Shite descending and user's scrambles".


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The reason for the love hotel industry where lovers who try to spend the couple time rent the guest room is that the marketplace of sales 40 billion dollars year (about 3.77 trillion yen) is formed without swinging also under the depression.
In Mansfield, the multiple store where six horn love hotel is carried on in Japan is set up, and AIM marketplace (stock market for a new venture business) in Britain Rondon is a listing lingua.

The BBC broadcasting of Britain was reported on the 15th, "The love hotel in Japan interests overseas investors".
The love hotel in Japan is presumed that about 25,000 and 500 million people or more a year use it for the whole country.

A certain trader who carried on the love hotel in Tokyo said, "The occupancy rate reaches 400% before though the economic environment stagnation". One room is made use of four times a day on the average.

Japan is often cohabiting several families in a narrow house where the soundproofing is not applied densely populated.
Then, even a across-the-board married couple to say nothing of the couple of single and the immorality patronizes the sex hotel.
The system that can receive the key to the guest room by the automatic operation by the love hotel side's not matching the employee to the face and either pushing the Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. is introduced, and the client is tempted in the guest room such as the classroom, the hospitals, and subways rich in variety. The high-level love hotel with which it provided a personal sauna and the outdoor hot spring appears, too.


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This company intensely repulses it to a part of report of requesting business regeneration American Depositary Receipts (extra judicium dispute settlement procedure) to aim at the revival of enterprises by the debt write-off etc. , saying that "Groundless". Like "The use of American Depositary Receipts is one view as the leverage", blur rolling up, and trowing "State of the Aso political power. "

The route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus is a deployment in the whole country such as "Hotel route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus" and "Hotel Glan Tia" as for about 300 hotels. The management team is hardened by Nagayama victory president's clan after it establishes it, and the share is a closed-door.

The top line 50.4 billion yen and the ordinary income 3.2 billion yen may be post for the period on March, 2009, and externals be called a fast profit enterprise.

It is at June 24 that the mass communication reported on a part of business regeneration American Depositary Receipts motion of the route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus.
Original and the excess indebtedness of the supervision of the third-party institution that composes of attorneys are held by the new business regeneration method (private liquidation) introduced last year, and this system requests the debt write-off and the repayment postponement to the financial institution by the enterprise that falls into the business slump, and aims at regeneration.

"The hotel management changes steady" and it ..route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus.. insists ..making the release of the protest on the same day public...
To open nine places at the hotel newly in July, I was going to expect increase both in sales and profits this term.

However, the same release is admitted and to do "Ask for the relaxation at terms of repayment" by the renewal Shite descending and the average dated June 29, "The use of the American Depositary Receipts procedure is put in view" is admitted.

There are a lot of cold perceptions of such movement of the management.

The affiliate of the bank "The direction of the American Depositary Receipts motion was told by the director of the route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus visited accompanied by important person's attorney" cannot measure the real intention of hysteric behavior on the route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus side.

The fact of postponement also : on the first schedule day ..the disbursement to the general contractor in a novel article of the Miyagi prefecture over the route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus... The practice schedule in April is supposed to be postponed since August drastic.
It is thought, "This company must be troubled from this with the debt retirement" (credit research company).

As for American Depositary Receipts, four companies of Japanese polyethylene terephthalate film capacitor of Radiahorldings of Japanese Asia Investment of Cosmosinishia and a venture capital major of the real estate second tier and temporary staffings (old Goodwill Group) and a new real estate are motions so far.

The reputation of the bank affiliate is not good though the American Depositary Receipts use to show the extension. The most in question is at point that can it differ from the legal liquidation of the corporation reorganization law etc. , and the management team that invites the business slump stay behind as it is.

It already begins to go up to the voice "Ultimate moral hazard (ethics lack)" among the bank affiliates. It is because there is distrust that only the manager and the attorney might be gained, and the disadvantage be pressed against the bank one-sidedly persistent.

The agreement of all correspondent financial institutions is necessary ..American Depositary Receipts.. to approve in motion Shite. Having approved of four companies of the former rising so far : only by one company of Japanese Asia Investment. The schedule was decided for the conference to have a rough going in Cosmosinishia by which a drastic debt waiver was requested, and to be extended unavoidably by about 1-2 months.

The correspondent financial institution of the route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus is assumed to go up to about 100. Whether is the thing really carried according to the speculation of the management team or not?

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