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The approach of taking a real court dish of China to the hotel menu, and winning the Chinese tourist of whom number who increased rapidly started on the 23rd at the hotel in Tokyo, and the meeting that announced the provided dish was done.

 The meeting that attended by about 60 people, and announced the dish was done in Tokyo on the 23rd ..chairman Yonekura of Japanese Japan Federation of Economic Organizations and the Hodoeica Ambassador to Japan in China...

Ten people like a total chef etc. come to Japan from the Diaoyutai Guesthouse that became the stage of the diplomacy like six-party talks etc. in China for this day" The court dish of the home where high grade ingredients such as the hatching fin, abalones, and sea cucumbers provided as a menu had been used in abundance was announced.

Total chefs stay in Japan by about ten days, and it is assumed that it wants to begin to think about the menu that can appeal to the tourist from China further by learning the technology of the dish and the know-how of how etc. to choose the food while staying on the hotel side.

In this hotel, whether the number of hotel guests from China has increased to twice or more compared with the previous age since July when requirements of the tourist visa were alleviated, and it incorporates it into Chinese tourist Oi for the hotel industry segments to suffer from hotel guest's setback in the recessionary economic grip the key to the survival.

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Tomo Score that carries on hotel "Seagull style (Fuu who pursues it) restaurant" etc. in Hiroshima prefecture Fukuyamashi Tomo-cho
・President Masataka Murakami of Corporation decided the bankruptcy last September, and clarified the redecorating plan of long-established inn "Taisan () pavilion" of the Tomo-cho that the associate company of this company had bought.

End of Edo era..Taishou era..period..plants and buildings..elegance..make the best use of..Japanese style..modern..image..feeling of luxury..hotel..aim..good..October..the middle of..beach..beach..get depressed..title..start afresh.President Murakami is enthusiastic, "I want to call in the tourist in a new layer", and expecting, the sightseeing affiliate in local is "Lead to the charm improvement of Tomo".

It is assumed the establishment of the end of Edo era, and one of the oldest accommodations in the Tomo-cho of Taisan.
Two houses assumed to have been built in the main building, the Edo period, and Taisho Era of five iron frame stories in premises of about 1100 square meters remain. Bentenjima Island and Sensui Island of the Tomo tourist draw being possible to look about from each room was one of the charms of the hotel.

President Murakami who knew the bankruptcy of Taisan decided to redecorate to a high-level inn of the present age style as "It was unwilling that there was a history, and facilities where the siting was good were used besides sightseeing", and launched out into the purchase. Business expenses including betterment expense are about 600 million yen.

The garden and the slope that images the sea, the wave, and the insula of Setouchi because it uses the tile of the dismantling lingua plants and buildings and a part of wood for the site are made though plants and buildings of Taisho Era that the weariness stands out (three wooden stories) are demolished. Plants and buildings of the Edo period (two wooden stories) are used as a door entrance.

The main building overall redecorates the inside, and builds the private room of 40-100 square meters by 17 rooms.
"Modern Japanese-style room" is produced by using a Ryukyu mat, and taking the bed where a lot of demands exist from middle and advanced and age generation. The outdoor hot spring and the terrace can be provided in all rooms, and it enjoy the scenery of the Inland Sea while relaxing. A large bathroom for reserving is set up on the fifth floor.
Externals are painted, and the decoration of the grid seen wood is put.

"Tooot Con'ot" is a meaning of "House in the waterside" "Beach mansion", and when the poet who had stayed in Tomo at the beginning of the Showa era took it from the song that writes the ship that emits Pompon and the sound and runs in the Inland Sea, Iu.
As for the room charge, the setting and 320 million yen in the annual turnover are expected 27,000-38,000 yen a person in two person use on the weekday, and the highest price range in accommodations in this town. President Murakami assumes, "It wants an individual guest to enjoy the charm of Tomo without reserve at the hotel where the specialization lingua grade is high".

The director of a bureau Tsutomu of the Hirayasshi event of Fushan Tourist Association welcomes it , saying that "It is glad that the inn of the high quality resumes to the first-class site in Tomo ..increasing of the number of tourists from the whole country..". It is expected, the Director General of Akihiko Kataoka of the information center of sightseeing in the bay in Tomo in local is "It can enjoy the bay in dependence Tomo diversifying for the guest's demand by completing an attractive inn in the place ..beautiful ()..".

- Plants and buildings assumed to be the one of end of Edo era. Http:// that becomes door entrance of inn after it redecorates

- Tomo Score Corporation--Hotel "Seagull Cazetei"  Http://

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It was announced that the Toyoko Dipterocarpus tuberculatus of the business hotel chain (Tokyo Ota ward) advanced to the United States first on the 28th.
The hotel of 640 rooms is opened in the Queens district in the east part of New York in around 2012.
It was judged that the strengthening of the foreign operation was indispensable for the growth in the inside and the future that the domestic hotel marketplace narrow along with the falling birthrate.

Hotels constructed in New York are 35 stories, and it expects it.  become a small guest room of 18 square meters on the average
The room charge schedules the level 100 dollars night stay (about 9000 yen).

It plans to advance in ten fiscal years in China besides four horn hotel is developed in South Korea already this company.
The foreign operation is hardened by advancing not only Asia but also the deployment in the United States.

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Having decided moving of British, high-level hotel "Inter Continental" to the tall building of the planned completion date by redevelopment zone "Umeda north yard" on the JR Osaka Ekikita side at the end on March, 2013 has understood the 23rd. This hotel the first in Kansai advances.

The Umeda north yards are breadth about 24 hectares, and eminent first-class sites in a domestic redevelopment zone. Intarconti moves in a multistory floor in Biru of the 33rd floor on the ground constructed in the early development district and about 154 meters in height.

In the advancement of an international exclusive hotel, the improvement of the image of the entire north yard and a tourist increase from the inside and outside the country can be expected.

Intarconti is the highest class brand of British major Hotel Chain "Intarcontinentalhotelzglup". There are affiliated hotels in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Okinawa, etc. domestically.

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The guest room of no smoking is also indispensable to the hotel hotel guest for the service of a wireless LAN connection and a free breakfast. ――。
Such a trend has come to the surface by the satisficing investigation of the hotel hotel guest in North America in 2010.

Hotel guest's satisficing improves generally compared with the previous year, and sojourn expense, the reservation procedure, and the assessment to the quality of the guest room have improved especially according to the finding that the research company Jaye dee power announced on the 27th.

The Internet, and the person who has made the prearranged accommodation is 58% and proportion marginal rises of the previous year.
The person who reserved it from the site of operating directly at the hotel was and there were a trend with a high satisficing more than the person who reserved the agency from the expert lingua travel site etc.

By all means..provide..desirous..service..wireless smoking or 87 no smoking answered that no smoking was better.

When the satisficing according to Hotel Chain was seen, the assessment of Four Seasons and JW Marriott Corp. was high in the luxury hotel division with Ritz Carlton at the top.

The implementation lingua of the investigation for 53,000 hotel guests or more who stayed from May, 2009 to June, '10 at the hotel.

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