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The new entry from different business type is successive to the Kyotoshi internal inn industry segments. Managers of the former precision mechanical equipment manufacturer opened the inn of the person of the town of the low price for the foreigner while the harmony general merchandise trader opened a high-level inn of 220,000 yen or less a night stay in the Gion district. A variegated attempt seems to lead to the industry segments activation though the inn in the capital is a setback, a poor economy of the party traveler, and exists in the tough going.

It is decreasing from the party traveler setback such as the hotel increases and school excursions etc. to 380 now though the number of associates of Kyoto Prefecture inn life hygiene guilds (Nakagyoku) exceeded 1000 the 1950 year of the peak.

Balk Chiku of in such and the harmony general merchandise making and selling (Nakagyoku) newly established accommodations "KIZASHI THE SUITE" in old Kyoto Claft Center of Higashiyamaku Shijodori Hanamikoji east insertion L in April.

The Thuja obtusa bath was furnished in the room of 40-100 square meters that had been done in a relaxed manner by a sweet specification by all of the eight rooms. One night stay fee is 68,000 yen a room-220,000 yen, the bed is prepared centering on the Japanese-style room, and response is shown , saying that "Use has extended around the well-to-do population".

In "Inn of the person of the capital town cherry blossoms" that opened to L under a Shimogyoku Aburanokojidori flower shop town near Higashi-honganji temple in the beginning of March, Mr. Tomohiro Konishi (43) who is carrying on a precise mould maker is four companions and practice linguas.
It is spoken, "Aimed at the inn of few, cheap, easy-to-use classes in Kyoto".

Three story 20 rooms that redecorate the person of the town, and one room is about 10 square meters. The reputation, and the spring sightseeing season is almost Iu in the foreigner guest for the atmosphere of a handy price and the person of the town named 7000 yen level a person to center on Europe and America by one night stay including breakfast every day when it was a full occupancy.

Executive vice president Shigeki Kitahara of the prefecture inn life hygiene guild is speaking the entry from another category of business, "Become good stimulation for this industry segments with a lot of heredity".

- "KIZASHI THE SUITE" which bed is prepared for with Japanese-style room Http://


- Inn of person of capital town cherry blossoms

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