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.special express..operation..both companies..start..pass.Convenience without the false mount changing of three main stations in the metropolitan area of Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Omiya is popular, and the number of tourists in sunlight and Kinugawa River has increased. On the other hand, the difficulty such as stagnation of the number of hotel guests has surfaced, too.

- A lot of tourists boarded Spashia" in Kinugawa-onsen Station a good the 25th in the afternoon for Shinjuku ..use.. ..special express "... The commemoration taking a picture is done in front of the train, and there are a lot of people who hold the souvenir in both hands, too.
Office worker Ito (28) of Mr./Ms. in Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasakishi visited by the married couple speaks, "I am easier than the car and want to come though it used to go for the first time".

East Japan Railway and Tobu have been operating a direct special express by two reciprocating since March, 2006.
Driving of the interoperability in JR (Shinjuku - Utsunomiya Sencrihashieki) and Tobu-Nikko and the Kinugawa River line (Kurihashi - Tobu-Nikko and Kinugawa-onsen Station).

The Pulmonary regurgitation effect by the poster of each station in the metropolitan area, and use is a good condition and Iu according to the Tobu Railway Public Relations Department becoming of it easiness for the Tokyo west and the person in Kanagawa to use. 10 percent extra Canada lingua both from fiscal year 2005 (960,000 people and 1.02 million people ..Tobu-Nikko ..number of users during year of fiscal year 2007.. Station though vehicle occupancy is undissemination.. ..Kinugawa-onsen Station..) before start of operation. When the previous year level is sustained in fiscal year 2008 under the total, it is Iu. There are a lot of use of not the group but the family and the small group.

According to Nikkoshi, the number of tourists of sunlight regions of 08 years is 2.28 million people the Fujiwara region where 6.32 million people and Kinugawa-onsen are employed, and has increased by 200,000 people in total compared with 05 years.

The foreigner who stayed in Nikkoshi in 08 : for 05 years with about 80,000 people in the proportion 80 percent extra.
"It became easy to come from Shinjuku where the foreign tourist stayed a lot" (same city Tourism Department) effect has been brought.

"Sphere of the sunlight sightseeing" is recognized by the sightseeing agency on the 22nd, and the cooperation of the region and two companies in the railway advances.
The sale of the discount excursion ticket intended for the Nikkoshi internal railway and the bus route is discussed.

Nikkoshi and sunlight Tourist Association, etc. held briefing that gathered affiliates in the retail store and the inn to use integrated circuit card ticket "Suica (watermelon)" with the electronic money function of two companies in the railway and "PASMO (Pasmo)" even in the shop in the city in March. The introduction charge of the card reading terminal is scheduled to be supported by the assistant industry in the country.

- An increase in voice and the number of tourists in which Maben is requested is not related to an increase in the number of hotel guests. According to the city, about 30,000 people have decreased the Fujiwara region contrary to 1.95 million people though about 50,000 people increased the number of hotel guests of sunlight regions of 08 years more than 05 years with 1.33 million people. Toshikazu Arai and the head of sunlight local Tourist Association federation analyze, "It became convenient and the number of day trip guests had increased".

Especially, there is an influence to which the room is redecorated when the blow of the depression since the last autumn is received, and each inn gathers an individual guest from the group and the number of accommodation is suppressed in Kinugawa-onsen, too.

There is an opinion from which "The operation number is a little in four total reciprocating" (long-established inn landlady) and Maben are requested from the local sightseeing business, too.
Two companies of one side in the railway worry about railway user's setback because of the influence that the new fee discount of the expressway in ETC (electronic toll collection system) started in March. The Kinugawa-onsen stationmaster of Katsuo Ooka is Iu , saying that "Gaze at the trend at Golden Week holidays".  big change Hanai and current Iu

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