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Movement to refrain from wearing also : in situ about serving that values the image such as the hotel, eating houses, and taxis , saying that "Worry is bulled the market" though the infection of a new influenza extends, and the person of the face mask appearance overflows in the town in Osaka and Hyogo.

The doorman and all desk clerks of exclusive hotel "Ritz Carlton Osaka in Osakashi" are masklesses. The reason for "Atmosphere of an aristocratic residence in Britain" is that "Atmosphere might break, and the anxiety be bulled the market" (Mutsuko Akisaka Pulmonary regurgitation director) only to sales.

Image valuing of popular housemaid cafe around Osaka of Nihonbashi. In housemaid's yuzu orange, Mr. (18) is "Do not talk neatly showing the face though the infection is scared. "The taxicab industry to receive the passenger worries because of correspondence, too. "The impression is bad, and it is impolite in the customer", and if he or she doesn't wear it, a certain driver is Iu though the taxi company in Osakashi plans to distribute the face mask to all drivers.
Tokyo Olympics and Osaka Expo.    New Grand tower opening in 1991.    Hotel evolution that stares at the 21st century.  -  Hotel New Grand was crowded with the customer from a lot of foreign countries in Asia at the time of the first Olympics and the Tokyo Olympics holding in 1964, too. However, customer's personnel has been changing gradually since the Osaka Expo in 1970 afterwards. From the foreign tourist to a Japanese customer who decreases by the strong yen. At that time, the use such as the marriage plans and feasts that started the deployment increased also in Hotel New Grand. The Japanese also came the age when it was able to enjoy the hotel in full scale. The hotel opened from the flow one after another in Yokohama in the latter half of the 1970's. It came for the conversion of the strategy to be urged on Hotel New Grand that Yokohama and was almost the monopolistic situation after the practice. Then, it was an extension of the tower hotel that had not existed in Yokohama yet at that time that Hotel New Grand at that time had advanced it. 


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