The Japanese (For the depression) is refraining the cancellation of traveling abroad and going to the classy restaurant. There's [There is] no need to hesitate when couples become making love it though money is spent however.

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It talks about the charge of the "New Perspective" company of announcing to public , saying that "It is stable not being affected to the economic environment so much and has expanded though Tell me about it even if you see this statistic of ten years". This company is carrying on six horn love hotel in the Japanese whole country.
It is said, CEO Steve Mansfield is Bloomberg's interview and "Industry not affected to depression of business". This company assumes that there is a prospect, too, and is Iu when aiming to become portfolio of investment trust.

Analysts are estimating that annual sales of this industry exceed four trillion yen. 500 million people in total use the love hotel every year.
The stay of three hours (It is called, "Rest" by insinuation), and "Stay" and feeling of 10,000 yen of about 3000 yen.

The love hotel is overcrowded in the back street in the amusement center in the big city etc. and has been built. To begin with, fast growth has been accomplished after the war though the one that the place was provided for the prostitute and the guest because the place where two of lovers can be left is insufficient.
There are about 25000 in the Japanese whole country, and it provides with a lot of up to the minute entertainment systems, karaoke, and jacuzzis, etc. , and is a room service now, too.

(photograph)Love hotel in Tokyo suburbs"Queen Elizabeth stone garden"
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Movement to refrain from wearing also : in situ about serving that values the image such as the hotel, eating houses, and taxis , saying that "Worry is bulled the market" though the infection of a new influenza extends, and the person of the face mask appearance overflows in the town in Osaka and Hyogo.

The doorman and all desk clerks of exclusive hotel "Ritz Carlton Osaka in Osakashi" are masklesses. The reason for "Atmosphere of an aristocratic residence in Britain" is that "Atmosphere might break, and the anxiety be bulled the market" (Mutsuko Akisaka Pulmonary regurgitation director) only to sales.

Image valuing of popular housemaid cafe around Osaka of Nihonbashi. In housemaid's yuzu orange, Mr. (18) is "Do not talk neatly showing the face though the infection is scared. "The taxicab industry to receive the passenger worries because of correspondence, too. "The impression is bad, and it is impolite in the customer", and if he or she doesn't wear it, a certain driver is Iu though the taxi company in Osakashi plans to distribute the face mask to all drivers.