started the discussion for the business assignment of owned resort hotel "Wakkanai All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. hotel".
The financial difficulty continued as the accumulated debt at the end of current year was expected to reach two billion yen, and it was judged that self-rehabilitation was difficult.
It looks for the client on the assumption of continuing as a large-scale hotel with the convention function and the maintenance of employment.

It is opaque though business of the hotel will continue in the future whether to decide the inside and the client that is unable to move upward of the travel demand by the poor economy etc. at the early stage.

The settlement of accounts in fiscal year 2008 of this company became 967 million yen of the preceding fiscal year proportion 3.9% decrease the operating income, and after the practice in 1994, ..billion yen.. interrupted for the first time.
The net loss is 147 million yen, and the accumulated debt reaches 1,882,300,000 yen.
「Annual sales in the last few years are 400 million-yen down small linguas as for the business regeneration though it has worked on first priority. The business plan of a little suppression was not good at achievement either. 」(mayor Yokota)。The decreased receipts trend doesn't put the brakes even in fiscal year 2009, and the rudder is cut in the business assignment greatly.

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The one that a changeable privilege such as clothes, tickets, and ramen adheres appears exceeding the frame of general service with breakfast, the newspaper, and the drink, too. It thinks, that is, want to work out service different because those who reserve it on the hotel retrieval site of the Internet increase rapidly recently, and to attract attention even a little.

It is a home of Kula Iwa (Sapporoshi) to think out unique "Extra" one after another where a hotel new budget is developed with sales in Sapporo and Muroran as for the fee of 5,000 yen level. General manager Keiko Kumagaya speaks, "Begin to think about the service that becomes customer's standpoint, and wants to be used".

"P Laon" in which having started this month at Sapporo branch provides Hokkaido restrictive goods. When it enjoys the merchandise that can be tasted only in the road such as "Chow mein box lunch" of Toyo Suisan and the Paullinia sorbilis beverages in the room, the Iu one. Moreover, the plan of the female restrictive in which hot water that contains the vitamin C comes out from the shower is high popularity. Plan etc. to which cleaning ticket of shirt and new socks and undergarment adhere for business trip guest. A handy price range is the state as it is though the fee is different because of the plan.  adhere the privilege

Chisan grand Sapporo sells the plan to set the JR ticket for the new Chitose airport from Sapporo. It is popular for the business trip guest outside the road , saying that "It doesn't take time when the ticket is bought, and there is a profitable feeling". The number also of hotels where the card of about 1000 yen that can shop in the convenience store is put up has increased in other cities for the business trip guest.

A unique plan is seen also in the tourist site. The plan that a lot of hotels set the admission ticket and the Bath ticket is prepared and tourist's incorporation is aimed at in Asahikawashi in which a popular on a nationwide scale an Asahiyama zoo is located. The plan with meal in the famous ramen shop in the city is sold in 330 Asahi River at a fitness hotel, and it is said, "Popularity in the tourist outside the road". Neither is a price range hardly different from the regular fee though the plan etc. from which breakfast is eaten in the dining room in the morning fair are popular in Hakodateshi.

Each hotel makes efforts to the extra because the number of users who use the staying retrieval site of the net has increased rapidly. 60 percent or more of the reservation is a user of the net in a new budget. Because the fee of the hotel of the multitude queues up in the list on the site screen, the hotel affiliate in Sapporo specifies, "It is not possible to use it if not remainning to eyes by a unique privilege etc.". There are circumstances of increasing of the national chain that sells the cheapness like three-4,000 yen level etc. the single in the road, and not suitable in a simple price competition, too.

Such a service battle is popular from the user. The user of each plan writes the impression, and there are a lot of hotels where staying has expanded by word of mouth on the net in the index site. The Obihiroshi internal hotel is spoken, "The good one has taken it with the card etc. of the convenience store referring to new service of Sapporo", and the extension to various places in the road is seen. Mr. Kumagaya of a new budget「The number of customers doesn't increase even if keeping silent. It wants to be going to take needs in advance in the future, and to type out various, new plans. 」It speaks.  

- Hotel new budget http://mytown.asahi.com/hokkaido/k_img_render.php? of = Sapporoshi Chuoku where unique hotel accommodation plan has increased in road like the one that Hokkaido limited product adhered etc.k_id=01000000904160004&o_id=24341&type=kiji/jpg

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