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It was announced that the Toyoko Dipterocarpus tuberculatus of the business hotel chain (Tokyo Ota ward) advanced to the United States first on the 28th.
The hotel of 640 rooms is opened in the Queens district in the east part of New York in around 2012.
It was judged that the strengthening of the foreign operation was indispensable for the growth in the inside and the future that the domestic hotel marketplace narrow along with the falling birthrate.

Hotels constructed in New York are 35 stories, and it expects it.  become a small guest room of 18 square meters on the average
The room charge schedules the level 100 dollars night stay (about 9000 yen).

It plans to advance in ten fiscal years in China besides four horn hotel is developed in South Korea already this company.
The foreign operation is hardened by advancing not only Asia but also the deployment in the United States.

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Http:// Toyoko Dipterocarpus tuberculatus

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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