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The Japanese (For the depression) is refraining the cancellation of traveling abroad and going to the classy restaurant. There's [There is] no need to hesitate when couples become making love it though money is spent however.

World's second-largest industry..including..hardly..industry..fierce battle..fight hard..inside..for a short
It talks about the charge of the "New Perspective" company of announcing to public , saying that "It is stable not being affected to the economic environment so much and has expanded though Tell me about it even if you see this statistic of ten years". This company is carrying on six horn love hotel in the Japanese whole country.
It is said, CEO Steve Mansfield is Bloomberg's interview and "Industry not affected to depression of business". This company assumes that there is a prospect, too, and is Iu when aiming to become portfolio of investment trust.

Analysts are estimating that annual sales of this industry exceed four trillion yen. 500 million people in total use the love hotel every year.
The stay of three hours (It is called, "Rest" by insinuation), and "Stay" and feeling of 10,000 yen of about 3000 yen.

The love hotel is overcrowded in the back street in the amusement center in the big city etc. and has been built. To begin with, fast growth has been accomplished after the war though the one that the place was provided for the prostitute and the guest because the place where two of lovers can be left is insufficient.
There are about 25000 in the Japanese whole country, and it provides with a lot of up to the minute entertainment systems, karaoke, and jacuzzis, etc. , and is a room service now, too.

(photograph)Love hotel in Tokyo suburbs"Queen Elizabeth stone garden"
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Movement to refrain from wearing also : in situ about serving that values the image such as the hotel, eating houses, and taxis , saying that "Worry is bulled the market" though the infection of a new influenza extends, and the person of the face mask appearance overflows in the town in Osaka and Hyogo.

The doorman and all desk clerks of exclusive hotel "Ritz Carlton Osaka in Osakashi" are masklesses. The reason for "Atmosphere of an aristocratic residence in Britain" is that "Atmosphere might break, and the anxiety be bulled the market" (Mutsuko Akisaka Pulmonary regurgitation director) only to sales.

Image valuing of popular housemaid cafe around Osaka of Nihonbashi. In housemaid's yuzu orange, Mr. (18) is "Do not talk neatly showing the face though the infection is scared. "The taxicab industry to receive the passenger worries because of correspondence, too. "The impression is bad, and it is impolite in the customer", and if he or she doesn't wear it, a certain driver is Iu though the taxi company in Osakashi plans to distribute the face mask to all drivers.
"John Robert Powers school" (Chiyoda Ward Kioi-cho 4 and TEL 03-3221-2980) that Hotel New Ohtani manages does 1day lesson for the first men on June 20.

This school is a finishing school to acquire a social education and manners. It appears one after another a lot of celebrities after a school is founded in the United States in 1923, and it is Grace Kelly and it is Diana in the graduate.
・The loss, James Dean, and Fonda Henry, etc. also allow one's name to be added. A school is founded in Aoyama in 1986 and the Hotel New Ohtani tower in Japan in 1998 Relocation in the ninth floor. The businessman has been globally educated including the guidance of the Miss universe and the other day Miss Japan.

The program that has been cultivated so far is made the best use of, and "Otoco beauty only during a day" course is planned on Father's Day. A professional lecturer formation starts how to dress casual wear on the standing appearance and one rank beautiful of the walking and the good posture, and it instructs in a high way etc. of the method and the likeability that makes a good first impression to behave. 「As for the man who goes even if dressing up of the woman and the child is perfect a little undesirable, a special companion is spoiled. If you can recommend this lesson to him etc. from whom the Metabo master and I cannot have confidence. It must be useful also for the man in. 」With the publicist.

Time of the lesson starting a course is 11:00-13:00. The registration fee is 14,700 yen. Capacity is 12 people, and the participation application is accepted by telephone.

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Tokyo Olympics and Osaka Expo.    New Grand tower opening in 1991.    Hotel evolution that stares at the 21st century.  -  Hotel New Grand was crowded with the customer from a lot of foreign countries in Asia at the time of the first Olympics and the Tokyo Olympics holding in 1964, too. However, customer's personnel has been changing gradually since the Osaka Expo in 1970 afterwards. From the foreign tourist to a Japanese customer who decreases by the strong yen. At that time, the use such as the marriage plans and feasts that started the deployment increased also in Hotel New Grand. The Japanese also came the age when it was able to enjoy the hotel in full scale. The hotel opened from the flow one after another in Yokohama in the latter half of the 1970's. It came for the conversion of the strategy to be urged on Hotel New Grand that Yokohama and was almost the monopolistic situation after the practice. Then, it was an extension of the tower hotel that had not existed in Yokohama yet at that time that Hotel New Grand at that time had advanced it. 

The sleeping module

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Even if the outlay is suppressed, do not want to sacrifice the comfort-.

A profitable hotel and the high speed bus that sticks to a comfortable space are popular in Osaka and Kobe though it is higher for a moment than "Cheap". Each company ..depression.. catches with the business opportunity, and it racks one's brains in the price a sensitive businessman layer even if it incorporates it.

- First-class

The sleeping module of the neomorphism appeared in Osakashi in April. Four usual times every height, width, depth, and 2.1 meters breadthSubscription hotel "First cabin" that images first-class of the aircraft.

4,800 yen a night stay. 32 molded liquid crystal television and internet connection LAN are set up, and a businessman 20-in his forties is aimed at. 「It is possible to stay if 1000 yen is added to a usual sleeping module. I want you to ascertain whether it obtains it. 」With the Obata Mitslcotowari president of the first cabin (Tokyo).

It advances to the international city named a domestic major city, New York, and Rondon such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, and the plan of 50 shops will be drawn by 2015 in the future.

It is high-level business hotel "Yunizo Osaka Yodoyabashi. " of the practice in April in Osaka and Yodoyabashi that "Tokiwa hotel management" (Tokyo) handles. The bed of a high-level brand and the bathroom etc. of making known are set up though a single and 3-5 usual overvalueds from 12,000 yen. This company is enthusiastic, "(City hotel etc.) The customer who flows wants also to win it".

The Kobe Sangu union hotel (Kobeshi Chuoku) put "Deki man's personal appearance plan" that enhanced the vessel for men such as the hair dressings on the market in April. The number of women increases in the office, and it pays attention to the point that the number of men who are the worries about the body odour increases. Four modalities such as the lotion and Facial cleansing foam for the whole body of a fresh smell are arranged. This hotel is spoken usually from 7,100 yen the single with "Appeal point different from other hotels" though the overvalued for about 2,000 yen.

- Shinkansen false mount changing

"Sell from the seat where the price is high. "The head of Shigeru Murase Takayashiro of the Willa travel (Osakashi Kitaku) that operates the high speed bus that connects Keihanshin, the metropolitan area, and Kyushu, etc. talks about the phenomenon since the autumn of last year.

The cheapness was a charm of the the greatest in a conventional high speed bus, and less than 30 years old such as students accounted for 70 percent of the entire user. However, the number of businessmen who use it instead of Shinkansen increases by the depression. "Executive" seat between Tokyo and Osaka introduced last December especially :.   It is full of the reservation and popularity one month or more ahead.

The reason for the hit is coexisting of the cheapness and the comfort. The width of the sheet can only of one person.. be partitioned with it is possible to knock down, and the curtain usual twice about 80 centimeter near the bed. The fee gripped businessman's mind 2-30 percent cheaplyer than 9,800-11,000 yen in one way and Shinkansen.

Kino of ..foot that supports the under multiplication.. "Premium" - ..from Kobe.. The seat is prepared from the knee by 62 centimeters in the sheet width also in the Tokyo line. Shinkansen is setting the fee of modestly-priced.

President Murase「Both the cheapness and the comfort are obtained though the saving intention is expected to be present continuation (The user :). It is important how to incorporate new needs. 」It solves and it gropes for next move.

- Room of subscription hotel "First cabin" that images first-class. The right side is a conventional sleeping module.

- Popular "Executive" seat among businessman introduced into high speed bus of Willa travel

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The one that a changeable privilege such as clothes, tickets, and ramen adheres appears exceeding the frame of general service with breakfast, the newspaper, and the drink, too. It thinks, that is, want to work out service different because those who reserve it on the hotel retrieval site of the Internet increase rapidly recently, and to attract attention even a little.

It is a home of Kula Iwa (Sapporoshi) to think out unique "Extra" one after another where a hotel new budget is developed with sales in Sapporo and Muroran as for the fee of 5,000 yen level. General manager Keiko Kumagaya speaks, "Begin to think about the service that becomes customer's standpoint, and wants to be used".

"P Laon" in which having started this month at Sapporo branch provides Hokkaido restrictive goods. When it enjoys the merchandise that can be tasted only in the road such as "Chow mein box lunch" of Toyo Suisan and the Paullinia sorbilis beverages in the room, the Iu one. Moreover, the plan of the female restrictive in which hot water that contains the vitamin C comes out from the shower is high popularity. Plan etc. to which cleaning ticket of shirt and new socks and undergarment adhere for business trip guest. A handy price range is the state as it is though the fee is different because of the plan.  adhere the privilege

Chisan grand Sapporo sells the plan to set the JR ticket for the new Chitose airport from Sapporo. It is popular for the business trip guest outside the road , saying that "It doesn't take time when the ticket is bought, and there is a profitable feeling". The number also of hotels where the card of about 1000 yen that can shop in the convenience store is put up has increased in other cities for the business trip guest.

A unique plan is seen also in the tourist site. The plan that a lot of hotels set the admission ticket and the Bath ticket is prepared and tourist's incorporation is aimed at in Asahikawashi in which a popular on a nationwide scale an Asahiyama zoo is located. The plan with meal in the famous ramen shop in the city is sold in 330 Asahi River at a fitness hotel, and it is said, "Popularity in the tourist outside the road". Neither is a price range hardly different from the regular fee though the plan etc. from which breakfast is eaten in the dining room in the morning fair are popular in Hakodateshi.

Each hotel makes efforts to the extra because the number of users who use the staying retrieval site of the net has increased rapidly. 60 percent or more of the reservation is a user of the net in a new budget. Because the fee of the hotel of the multitude queues up in the list on the site screen, the hotel affiliate in Sapporo specifies, "It is not possible to use it if not remainning to eyes by a unique privilege etc.". There are circumstances of increasing of the national chain that sells the cheapness like three-4,000 yen level etc. the single in the road, and not suitable in a simple price competition, too.

Such a service battle is popular from the user. The user of each plan writes the impression, and there are a lot of hotels where staying has expanded by word of mouth on the net in the index site. The Obihiroshi internal hotel is spoken, "The good one has taken it with the card etc. of the convenience store referring to new service of Sapporo", and the extension to various places in the road is seen. Mr. Kumagaya of a new budget「The number of customers doesn't increase even if keeping silent. It wants to be going to take needs in advance in the future, and to type out various, new plans. 」It speaks.  

- Hotel new budget of = Sapporoshi Chuoku where unique hotel accommodation plan has increased in road like the one that Hokkaido limited product adhered etc.k_id=01000000904160004&o_id=24341&type=kiji/jpg

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.special express..operation..both companies..start..pass.Convenience without the false mount changing of three main stations in the metropolitan area of Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Omiya is popular, and the number of tourists in sunlight and Kinugawa River has increased. On the other hand, the difficulty such as stagnation of the number of hotel guests has surfaced, too.

- A lot of tourists boarded Spashia" in Kinugawa-onsen Station a good the 25th in the afternoon for Shinjuku ..use.. ..special express "... The commemoration taking a picture is done in front of the train, and there are a lot of people who hold the souvenir in both hands, too.
Office worker Ito (28) of Mr./Ms. in Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasakishi visited by the married couple speaks, "I am easier than the car and want to come though it used to go for the first time".

East Japan Railway and Tobu have been operating a direct special express by two reciprocating since March, 2006.
Driving of the interoperability in JR (Shinjuku - Utsunomiya Sencrihashieki) and Tobu-Nikko and the Kinugawa River line (Kurihashi - Tobu-Nikko and Kinugawa-onsen Station).

The Pulmonary regurgitation effect by the poster of each station in the metropolitan area, and use is a good condition and Iu according to the Tobu Railway Public Relations Department becoming of it easiness for the Tokyo west and the person in Kanagawa to use. 10 percent extra Canada lingua both from fiscal year 2005 (960,000 people and 1.02 million people ..Tobu-Nikko ..number of users during year of fiscal year 2007.. Station though vehicle occupancy is undissemination.. ..Kinugawa-onsen Station..) before start of operation. When the previous year level is sustained in fiscal year 2008 under the total, it is Iu. There are a lot of use of not the group but the family and the small group.

According to Nikkoshi, the number of tourists of sunlight regions of 08 years is 2.28 million people the Fujiwara region where 6.32 million people and Kinugawa-onsen are employed, and has increased by 200,000 people in total compared with 05 years.

The foreigner who stayed in Nikkoshi in 08 : for 05 years with about 80,000 people in the proportion 80 percent extra.
"It became easy to come from Shinjuku where the foreign tourist stayed a lot" (same city Tourism Department) effect has been brought.

"Sphere of the sunlight sightseeing" is recognized by the sightseeing agency on the 22nd, and the cooperation of the region and two companies in the railway advances.
The sale of the discount excursion ticket intended for the Nikkoshi internal railway and the bus route is discussed.

Nikkoshi and sunlight Tourist Association, etc. held briefing that gathered affiliates in the retail store and the inn to use integrated circuit card ticket "Suica (watermelon)" with the electronic money function of two companies in the railway and "PASMO (Pasmo)" even in the shop in the city in March. The introduction charge of the card reading terminal is scheduled to be supported by the assistant industry in the country.

- An increase in voice and the number of tourists in which Maben is requested is not related to an increase in the number of hotel guests. According to the city, about 30,000 people have decreased the Fujiwara region contrary to 1.95 million people though about 50,000 people increased the number of hotel guests of sunlight regions of 08 years more than 05 years with 1.33 million people. Toshikazu Arai and the head of sunlight local Tourist Association federation analyze, "It became convenient and the number of day trip guests had increased".

Especially, there is an influence to which the room is redecorated when the blow of the depression since the last autumn is received, and each inn gathers an individual guest from the group and the number of accommodation is suppressed in Kinugawa-onsen, too.

There is an opinion from which "The operation number is a little in four total reciprocating" (long-established inn landlady) and Maben are requested from the local sightseeing business, too.
Two companies of one side in the railway worry about railway user's setback because of the influence that the new fee discount of the expressway in ETC (electronic toll collection system) started in March. The Kinugawa-onsen stationmaster of Katsuo Ooka is Iu , saying that "Gaze at the trend at Golden Week holidays".  big change Hanai and current Iu

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