Lutoinjapan (Nagayama victory president) that has concluded the basic agreement proposing the cancellation of the basic agreement to this terminal by the hotel division purchase of invested third sector and Miyakojima marine terminal (mayor Miyakojima of Toshihiko of ..president.. the groundwork) has understood the sixth in the Miyakojima city etc.

The route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus company commented to covered by Okinawa Times, having said "Worldwide economic fluctuation of the estimate about once every 100 years, and existed in the situation in which be not able how to advance the business along the basic agreement", "The amendment of the basic agreement judged, and when the mutual agreement cancellation was harmoniously done, wants to do the basic agreement in contradiction to just and equitable principles once".

The purchase intention of the hotel division in the future was answered, "Making the intention public made arrangements for the marine terminal company with the detail by influencing and existing in method for future advancement, and cannot comment".

Moreover, the conclusion of the basic agreement was assumed that the part based on the confidential relations between contracting parties was the majority, assumed to be "The mutual agreement cancellation is a muscle", and the approval of this terminal showed knowledge with assumption in the cancellation.

The basic agreement was connected last April, and it is included for the continuation Shite employment and the route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus to establish 100% subsidiary in Miyakojima and to manage the employee at the hotel that exists in this terminal now.

This terminal keeps the highest in both the deficit, deficits and the accumulation of 218 million yen ever of about 1 billion 512 million yen by the accounts for the year ending March in 2009, advances the application of the civil rehabilitation law of the terminal facility other than the hotel division, and the discussion about the reconstruction project is advanced to view.

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