The proprietary company of Hotel Hyakumangoku is a long-established inn in bankruptcy Ishikawa Prefecture.

Teikoku Data Bank announced that real estate management company "North Kuni resort" of Hotel Hyakumangoku known as a long-established inn in Yamashiroonsen in Ishikawa Prefecture Kagashi (same city) had received the decision of the bankruptcy procedure start from the Kanazawa district court on the sixth. Liabilities are about 9.7 billion yen.
Operating company "Hyakumangoku associate" (Tokyo) continues to business of the inn.

The north Kuni resort is established according to Teikoku Bank etc. in 1907. The poor economy etc. and bottom line is progression of the disease lingua though there was a revenue of about 9.3 billion yen as an inn where Emperor Hirohito also stayed for the period on July, '91 of the peak. The consignment of the management of the inn in another company in 2008. A big creditor was stating the bankruptcy procedure start in the same year.

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Business hotel "Viin town" is a preopen lingua on June 5 as for the commercial section of the 1-2th floor. Management is a West Japan JR daily service net of the JR Western Japan subsidiary (Osakashi Kitaku).

This hotel concept is "Hotel where the four seasons is felt. "Not only the businessman but also the leisure demand in the woman and the family layer expects it as the four seasons is produced by the revegetation, and the thickness of the airplane cloth group is changed by the season. The total floor area is about 15,039 square meters. The deployment Shite descending and this time of seven stores in the Kansai district become the first in Tokyo branch shops ..Viinhotelchan.. now.

The guest room of 509 rooms (476 single rooms) is provided in the fourth floor-the 20th floor part of the 20th floor on the ground and the subbasement construction. The 17th floor and the 18th floor make to the premium floor where the ladies floor and the 19th floor and the 20th floor made "Study" a theme, and prepare one universal, twin room every the fourth floor. The reception desk, the lobby, and two rooms in the conference room are fully equipped on the third floor and the 1-2th floor in the underground is equipped fully with the parking lot. All room LAN wiring and video on demand equipping. Security is considered, and the elevator is controlled with the guest room card key. It is not possible to go up to the 17th floor-the 20th floor excluding the hotel guest.
The guest room card key is needed to enter a hall after 24 o'clock.

Italian restaurant "Miami Garden", beef bowl chain "House", and convenience store "Seven Eleven" opened a store and beauty parlor "Aster trinervius var.longifolia", massage shop "Shionracuda", and family restaurant "Cocos" opened a store on the second floor in the preopen lingua the first floor this time.

This hotel keeper's Mr. Shimazakiayats speaks the Tokyo advancement, "The branch shop was decided because there were a lot of demands from the client of the base for the chain in the metropolitan area to develop necessary, and established store in the future". , saying that "Tourist's incorporation can be expected of Oimachi besides the business use on the weekend and holiday because public transport is good, and the movement to Kokusai-tenjijo, Odaiba, and the Disney resort, etc. is also convenient".

The hotel charge is single =9,500 yen and - economic twin =12,000 yen and twin =14,000 yen - and single premium = - etc. 8,000 yen. Only staying on 1st - 7th in July discounts a standard single and single ladies' to 5,000 yen in the practice commemoration and a single premium is discounted to 7,000 yen.

The hotel grand open is July 1.

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