The Teikoku Data Bank Matsumoto branch announced 15 of most in the whole country the prefecture number of bankruptcies of the hotel and the inn for one year of 11 years of the 18th. 06 three most years in the past are exceeded, and it has increased three-fold compared with the previous year. Liabilities are 11 billion 149 million yen in total. The branch「Ailing longtime accumulation came to light in 11 though a East Japan great earthquake and the prefecture northern part earthquake in March, '11 had to have influenced. The effect such as the sightseeing events by the prefecture etc. cannot be made the best use of enough. 」With the analysis lingua.

1.  8 in Hokushin4 in * Nakanobu2* south Makoto Toshin of * according to investigation regionalThe main legal liquidation is 1.18 billion yen in * play of Yokoyaonsen inn (Chinoshi) liabilities 6.62 billion yen land Madarao (Iiyamashi) and 783 million yen at * fog Ke peak hotel (Suwashi), etc.There were the debt 500 million yen or more three.

The branch「As for the staying industry, bottom line that capital investment and a renewal necessity are high, and steady is requested. In addition, the demand for tourism will continue in the future, and there is an at low ebb possibility, and the tough going might continue. 」It worried. 

Six in the whole country each of of of another in 9 Fukushima Prefecture that occurred damage due to the accident from Fukushima Dai1hara, Hokkaido, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Mie, and each prefecture in Okayama following 15 Nagano Prefecture.

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Kinki Nippon Railway opened to the public right above Kintetsu Kyoto Station on the 29th and "Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station" that opened a business on October 1 was opened to the public to reporters. 

Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station_imag.jpg
It faces the railway track of Kintetsu and JR, and when it can enjoy "Train view" that looks at the train with 368 all rooms, it is Iu. 

The total floor area 13,500 square meters every eight stories on the ground. It is possible to go before tickets is examined when going out of the first floor lobby there is the fourth line at Kintetsu Kyoto Station in the second floor part, and with the reception desk and taking an escalator. There are six modality guest room such as wide twin of twin of the breadth 16 square meters (236 rooms), double (46 rooms), and 21 square meters (63 rooms). 
One person decides because of 15,000 yen and the basis room fee of one night stay is decided that two people because of 19,000 yen. 

Woman's Mayumi Uruchi (Ume brat) (51) was appointed to the general manager for the first time at the hotel of Kintetsu-affiliated. Mr. Uruchi is "Other people to say nothing of the railway fan should be able also to get it with palpitations" and a Pulmonary regurgitation lingua ..the guide of the guest room where the railway track is wanted... 

- Guest room at hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station. Http:// that can enjoy view of Kintetsu and JR

- Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station

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The proprietary company of Hotel Hyakumangoku is a long-established inn in bankruptcy Ishikawa Prefecture.

Teikoku Data Bank announced that real estate management company "North Kuni resort" of Hotel Hyakumangoku known as a long-established inn in Yamashiroonsen in Ishikawa Prefecture Kagashi (same city) had received the decision of the bankruptcy procedure start from the Kanazawa district court on the sixth. Liabilities are about 9.7 billion yen.
Operating company "Hyakumangoku associate" (Tokyo) continues to business of the inn.

The north Kuni resort is established according to Teikoku Bank etc. in 1907. The poor economy etc. and bottom line is progression of the disease lingua though there was a revenue of about 9.3 billion yen as an inn where Emperor Hirohito also stayed for the period on July, '91 of the peak. The consignment of the management of the inn in another company in 2008. A big creditor was stating the bankruptcy procedure start in the same year.

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