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The stations who overturn common sense it is not possible even to approach by car on the inside because there is not a private house to say nothing of the shop either. There is a resident who defends the station, too, if there is a person who visits such a station all the way.
How if it sets foot on familiar "Another world" in this summer.  might

Start from Toyohashi and for about one and a half hours. It is only green Tenryu River that cream drove, and Kinoki that sees from the car window when it approaches the prefectural boundary with Shizuoka who grows in abundance. The passenger who sparsely sits opens the door by himself when arriving at the station and gets on and off.

In addition, about 40 minutes. It arrived at Kowada () in Aichi, Shizuoka, and Nagano 3 prefectural boundary et al.. It was when the same character as Crown Princess Masako's former name was written, and the tourist crowded it at Na. 16 years from that. The artificial object around the station is a chair of two person cliff written, deserted house and "Love". Mr. (46)) Norios is ..(of the office worker and Shigihara.. happy of Shibuya Ward, Tokyo that visited for the first time , saying that "There is really nothing, too".
「In Tokyo, it is crowded and the train crowded. I think that going to the place far apart from daily life is travel. 」

One private house was seen when walking along the dam lake on the mountain path for about 20 minutes. Mr. Shigee Miyashita (83) is cleaning the station with the husband though is a livelihood. In saying, "Unexplored region station", Kazuyumi , saying that "You couldn't help it because it is an unexplored region". It is Iu , saying that "There are three degrees and coming people twice though there is no seen one, too".

It was known as "Three adult" that queued up with Owase (Mie Prefecture) and Yoshino (Nara Prefecture), and the Iida line also had transported the forest product to the Tenryu River measuring up before. However, it is pushed after the 60's to the import material, and depopulation advances.
In the Sakuma dam built in 56 because of the hydraulic power, a part of village went under water, and the station of Kowada etc. was left.

The next train's having come : two hours later. For the next Nakai samurai (Nakai), the tea garden that sticks to the steep slope of 25 degrees is. When interrupting sunlight, there are no bitter in mountains that which the drainage is good, and sheer and the river fog of Tenryu River, and the quality tea can be caught, it is Iu. Mr. Yukifumi Harada (68) who produces scarce "Nakai samurai choice tea"「About the current twice had the house at first, and the Iida line of Bon festival and the year end was overcrowded of the Showa era.
To the topic it is good, and it complex though thinks of 'Unexplored region' please. 」It speaks. 

It is only a brooklet in the clear stream that flows under the cliff that hears by Kon'no (Kin) said that the user is the fewest. To the wall of the assignation house place of about 2m in width「Welcome to unexplored region Ekiconno. Garbage is taken home. 」The sticker was had. It is Masuda Noboru (61) who lives in the private house after about 15 minutes walking, and the Mr. and Mrs. Mr. (58) that wrote. It moves from the metropolitan area about ten years ago, it lives, and it works on the cultivation of the chemical-free vegetable etc.
 「The country in Japan that was anywhere in old times remains here. It is likely to come to want to come even times how many if there is a person who can associate there like the family. 」I hear the aim of the construction of the restaurant and accommodations with Nagano Prefecture Yasuokamura in local.

"Memories note" in which the visitor spells writing the impression is put on the assignation house place at such a station.
The worry about love also : in Kowada , saying that "Come to like it though it understands when there is a boyfriend" besides the voice with "Recovering and to the smell of fresh green". Writing in the Nakai samurai exceeds 100 only this year. The visitor from "The tea picking of first plucked tea was shown to a gentle uncle" and aichi prefecture Shinshiroshi : the visitor from Nagoya. 「Only the sound in a fresh green inside, the wind, and the river. The unexplored region station is a mind of Japan. 」It was writing. 

The language "Unexplored region station" came to be known by homepage of Mr. Takanobu Ushiyama (42) in Hiroshima prefecture Miyoshishi and this "Let's go to the unexplored region station". The assessment in the Iida line is high in the local line, and there are six stations per 40 epistatic station such as Kowada in the whole country. The station in the Iida line seemed to be introduced, and, in addition, to have gone up in popular cartoon "Tetsuko's travel" rate of awareness.

Why are you pulled to the unexplored region station?Mr./Ms. Ushiyama「The seller gives anything if traveling to the tourist site. However, you might make the desire come round , saying that 'Does it become it so by what?' and 'Very in old times?' in the age alone ..previous.. not seen, and exist travel that looked for the answer. 」It speaks. 

It tries to use "Unexplored region station" for JR East Sea to activate the Iida line. It took an examination of "Iida line assay" for 07 years in Nagano Prefecture Iidashi and 84 the 3rd assays that were on the implementation Shite descending and August 1 took an examination from Tokyo and Osaka, etc. including East Sea 3 prefecture. It projected in the beginner's class, the middle class, and the higher rank this year, and it projected in the class division and the test and it projected to the station of Kowada, the Nakai samurai, and Shidekuri, etc. dared .."Reference problem" that seemed to be set... The problem : "How many 'Sanhe' and attaching station were there?" (Answers are five stations) and "When is it at that in Cowadaeki with the wedding of 12 lamplights and getting?" and (The answer is 03 years).

The morning sun travel (Osakashi) is an implementation in March this year as for "- Tenryu River and chapter of travel of the unexplored region station of the Iida line local train" that comes round Kowada, Tamoto, and Kon'no, etc. on two days of one night stay. 12 of the 13 capacity is a participation lingua. (Kentaro Yamayoshi)

In the single track of 195.7 kilo in the total extension of 〈 JR Iida line 〉(Toyohashi - double-track line between Toyokawa), there are 94 stations.
Former Japan National Railways bought out original in the route by four companies of the Toyokawa railway, the Horai temple railway, the Sanshin railway, and the Italy Na electric railway in the private railway in August, '43. Especially, the construction of the Sanshin railway section of a steep gorge was large Ainu race's survey party's distinguished services. Moreover, Akaki in Nagano Prefecture Inashi - Between Sawatari, the most sudden inclination (so corbicula) in JR in the whole country There is (Go up by 40 meters 40 permils = kilo in length). http://www.  Iida line frame car that arrived at Cowadaeki. The person who gets off is = Hamamatsushi Tenryu Ward Misakubocho that not is.   Encompassed Sanhe Makibara in jpg green - The Iida line frame car that passes between Kakidaira. The railway track under is an Iida line frame car that runs in a steep mountainous area in Tsurekawa U = vicinity of aichi prefecture Shinshiroshi Toyooka Nakai samurai station. It is in Tenryu River = Nagano Prefecture Tenryumura to see in the interior.

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Lutoinjapan (Nagayama victory president) that has concluded the basic agreement proposing the cancellation of the basic agreement to this terminal by the hotel division purchase of invested third sector and Miyakojima marine terminal (mayor Miyakojima of Toshihiko of ..president.. the groundwork) has understood the sixth in the Miyakojima city etc.

The route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus company commented to covered by Okinawa Times, having said "Worldwide economic fluctuation of the estimate about once every 100 years, and existed in the situation in which be not able how to advance the business along the basic agreement", "The amendment of the basic agreement judged, and when the mutual agreement cancellation was harmoniously done, wants to do the basic agreement in contradiction to just and equitable principles once".

The purchase intention of the hotel division in the future was answered, "Making the intention public made arrangements for the marine terminal company with the detail by influencing and existing in method for future advancement, and cannot comment".

Moreover, the conclusion of the basic agreement was assumed that the part based on the confidential relations between contracting parties was the majority, assumed to be "The mutual agreement cancellation is a muscle", and the approval of this terminal showed knowledge with assumption in the cancellation.

The basic agreement was connected last April, and it is included for the continuation Shite employment and the route Dipterocarpus tuberculatus to establish 100% subsidiary in Miyakojima and to manage the employee at the hotel that exists in this terminal now.

This terminal keeps the highest in both the deficit, deficits and the accumulation of 218 million yen ever of about 1 billion 512 million yen by the accounts for the year ending March in 2009, advances the application of the civil rehabilitation law of the terminal facility other than the hotel division, and the discussion about the reconstruction project is advanced to view.

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started the discussion for the business assignment of owned resort hotel "Wakkanai All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. hotel".
The financial difficulty continued as the accumulated debt at the end of current year was expected to reach two billion yen, and it was judged that self-rehabilitation was difficult.
It looks for the client on the assumption of continuing as a large-scale hotel with the convention function and the maintenance of employment.

It is opaque though business of the hotel will continue in the future whether to decide the inside and the client that is unable to move upward of the travel demand by the poor economy etc. at the early stage.

The settlement of accounts in fiscal year 2008 of this company became 967 million yen of the preceding fiscal year proportion 3.9% decrease the operating income, and after the practice in 1994, ..billion yen.. interrupted for the first time.
The net loss is 147 million yen, and the accumulated debt reaches 1,882,300,000 yen.
「Annual sales in the last few years are 400 million-yen down small linguas as for the business regeneration though it has worked on first priority. The business plan of a little suppression was not good at achievement either. 」(mayor Yokota)。The decreased receipts trend doesn't put the brakes even in fiscal year 2009, and the rudder is cut in the business assignment greatly.

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