Travel agency Kipling & Clark in the United States announced in May, 2009 "Top 10 luxury hotels in Asia". Hotel, hotel, and best 10 of the high reputation titer are introduced at the luxury hotel (The inn in Japan is contained) in an Asian whole area, and a little unexpected ? for the Japanese. The result came out.

- Tawaraya and the holly shop of the long-established inn big three : to 1st place.
Tawaraya inn, holly shop inn, and charcoal shop inn made the long-established inn big three where tradition and status of Kyoto exist. Tawaraya and the holly shop are a isotopies very and a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus stripes linguas in that in 1st place. As the Japanese, it is the one glad in a little unexpectedness that a traditional inn of the Sumikazu style of not a foreign affiliate high-level hotel but Japan received high acclaim. It is entirely soaked in the traditional culture in Japan, and seems to be acknowledged Japan of an uppermost quality over minuteness to be to be finish skilled as a fantastic experience for VIP in the world in the mind from tea-ceremony dishes from which it entertains it.

There are Tawaraya and a holly shop according to the Nakagyoku Kojiya-cho in the vicinity of the instinct temple. One of the oldest inns in Kyoto in about 300 years.  establishment of TawarayaOld is a high-level inn where Bn, Yastoshitool Ohisa, and Iwakura Tomomi, etc. commute, and represent Japan that allows one's name to be added the customer list the head of each country and the throne now. Popularity is very high, and it is famous because the reservation is not taken easily.

Circularity of the amenity is wonderful even if it is called an inn with the tradition, and modern equipment is in order.
A clean Japanese-style room and the feeling in bed assumed to be spacious are the highest, original beddings, and wooden bathtubs that can relax in a relaxed manner.
Each one of the inn internal space is delicate, it overflows in the mind of an entertainment ..fine quality.. Japanese, and fresh impression is given to people who visited. The fee is about 50,000 yen-70,000 yen.
Establishment of about 200 holly shop on the other hand year. The inn that Yasunari Kawabata makes to the favorite hotel, Yukio Mishima and Chaplin stayed, and is known. It consists of the main building of the checkered shop making of two wooden stories and the new building. The spot garden where green is beautiful can be wanted from the guest room, and enough emotion. Finish a skilled, high-level inn of the air of ancient city Kyoto. The fee is about 30,000 yen-90,000 yen.

- The resort in the mountain range in the sea that not is : to the epistatic.
"Four Seasons resort Chiang Mai" in the Malm valley in Thailand came in 2nd place.
A vast upmarket resort that extends to the mountain range where one the world is concluded only in premises at the hotel.
The resort of the mountain range on the beach that not is is a point where the epistatic is interesting though there is an image along the sea as for the resort. The buffalo is seen to be able to command a view from the balcony of a beautiful pastoral landscape, and for the rice field to be cultivating on the premises here. The residence style style of gorgeous Thailand.  a sweet all ..guest room.. rooms

"Oriental Hong Kong of the mandarin" and "Oriental Bangkok of the mandarin" came in 3rd place.
It renews in 2006, and mandarin Oriental Hong Kong in which the practice lingua tradition is located in 1963 is a luxury and is for and, in addition, ..fine quality.. upgrade.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong is the first West style hotel in Bangkok with the tradition of about 130 years.
The epistatic is always occupied by the ranking of a lot of magazines as a hotel where the service of the maximum level is received.

High level inn "Gora flower bed" in Hakone is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus stripes lingua in 4th place. The style refined in modern and the West defending a traditional Japanese culture was assessed high.

- It means it not having the brand power to the assessment of a Japanese inn.
It is the one of a well-known resort group and the hotel group that the ranking of this "Top 10 luxury hotels in Asia" is seen and understands all in worldwide excluding "Hotelobmodan'art" of three high-level inns and China in Japan. Even if it is small-scale, Hotelobmodan'art is all high-quality luxury hotels that were in Guilin suburbs, and unified from the architectural style to the interior by a modern design.
Even if it has neither high reputation titer nor the brand power, a long-established inn in only one Japan in such a hotel and the world means and an essential, universal goodness means transmitting firmly. Moreover, fine that the depth of the traditional culture of Japan and the inn entertained was perceived to be a maximum level worldwide. It will be able to be said that this ranking is shown a big possibility a high-level inn in Japan appeals to an overseas well-to-do population and exists.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!

The sleeping module

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Even if the outlay is suppressed, do not want to sacrifice the comfort-.

A profitable hotel and the high speed bus that sticks to a comfortable space are popular in Osaka and Kobe though it is higher for a moment than "Cheap". Each company ..depression.. catches with the business opportunity, and it racks one's brains in the price a sensitive businessman layer even if it incorporates it.

- First-class

The sleeping module of the neomorphism appeared in Osakashi in April. Four usual times every height, width, depth, and 2.1 meters breadthSubscription hotel "First cabin" that images first-class of the aircraft.

4,800 yen a night stay. 32 molded liquid crystal television and internet connection LAN are set up, and a businessman 20-in his forties is aimed at. 「It is possible to stay if 1000 yen is added to a usual sleeping module. I want you to ascertain whether it obtains it. 」With the Obata Mitslcotowari president of the first cabin (Tokyo).

It advances to the international city named a domestic major city, New York, and Rondon such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, and the plan of 50 shops will be drawn by 2015 in the future.

It is high-level business hotel "Yunizo Osaka Yodoyabashi. " of the practice in April in Osaka and Yodoyabashi that "Tokiwa hotel management" (Tokyo) handles. The bed of a high-level brand and the bathroom etc. of making known are set up though a single and 3-5 usual overvalueds from 12,000 yen. This company is enthusiastic, "(City hotel etc.) The customer who flows wants also to win it".

The Kobe Sangu union hotel (Kobeshi Chuoku) put "Deki man's personal appearance plan" that enhanced the vessel for men such as the hair dressings on the market in April. The number of women increases in the office, and it pays attention to the point that the number of men who are the worries about the body odour increases. Four modalities such as the lotion and Facial cleansing foam for the whole body of a fresh smell are arranged. This hotel is spoken usually from 7,100 yen the single with "Appeal point different from other hotels" though the overvalued for about 2,000 yen.

- Shinkansen false mount changing

"Sell from the seat where the price is high. "The head of Shigeru Murase Takayashiro of the Willa travel (Osakashi Kitaku) that operates the high speed bus that connects Keihanshin, the metropolitan area, and Kyushu, etc. talks about the phenomenon since the autumn of last year.

The cheapness was a charm of the the greatest in a conventional high speed bus, and less than 30 years old such as students accounted for 70 percent of the entire user. However, the number of businessmen who use it instead of Shinkansen increases by the depression. "Executive" seat between Tokyo and Osaka introduced last December especially :.   It is full of the reservation and popularity one month or more ahead.

The reason for the hit is coexisting of the cheapness and the comfort. The width of the sheet can only of one person.. be partitioned with it is possible to knock down, and the curtain usual twice about 80 centimeter near the bed. The fee gripped businessman's mind 2-30 percent cheaplyer than 9,800-11,000 yen in one way and Shinkansen.

Kino of ..foot that supports the under multiplication.. "Premium" - ..from Kobe.. The seat is prepared from the knee by 62 centimeters in the sheet width also in the Tokyo line. Shinkansen is setting the fee of modestly-priced.

President Murase「Both the cheapness and the comfort are obtained though the saving intention is expected to be present continuation (The user :). It is important how to incorporate new needs. 」It solves and it gropes for next move.

- Room of subscription hotel "First cabin" that images first-class. The right side is a conventional sleeping module.

- Popular "Executive" seat among businessman introduced into high speed bus of Willa travel

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