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The Hoshino resort (Nagano Prefecture Karuizawamachi) to make the resort facilities in which the bankruptcy () reconstructed one after another regenerates a long-established (shop of old standing) inn in Kyoto and Ranzan under closing as redecorating and a high-level inn. Practice schedule on December 12. The hotel guest of the well-to-do population is expected as "Resort of harmony" in which all rooms face the Osegi river (Katsuragawa).

A long-established inn is hot spring ryokan "Kyou. " of the Meiji era initial establishment. It is in the vicinity of Togetsu-kyo Bridge after the manager had died in 06, it was closed though it was popular as the inn where nature from a large bathroom to Ranzan was looked at.

About 2.5 billion yen is invested and the Hoshino resort is redecorated as "Star Kei capital". In the plan, the exterior of a building completely changes the interior in the present age style while most making the best use of. When "River view" from which 25 all rooms and Ranzan and Osegi rivers are looked at is sold, it is Iu.

There are eight types of rooms, and the maisonnette type of two stories of about 120 square meters comprising study is 120,000 yen a night stay a room (There is no meal). (same as above) in the room of about 35 square meters for "One person".  55,000 yen a night stayWhen the service of the foreign affiliate high-level hotel level is provided as the cocktail party is held as "Resort of harmony from Japan" in the evening though the fee is a setting of improving, it is Iu.

The Cai Hoshino president is speaking, "I want to satisfy a domestic tourist who first knows the service of the prestigious hotel because of traveling abroad".

- Hoshino resort http://www.hoshinoresort.com/

- Source http://www.asahi.com/travel/news/OSK200906130112.html

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