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IP hotel Fukuoka (Fukuokashi Hakataku Nakasu) first floor restaurant "FAMILIA" provides the lunch of the sirloin steak from June 15 for 500 yen by "Father" restrictive on Father's Day.

It provides in the lunch buffet (1,200 yen) and the snack buffet (800 yen), and because a businessman and a dessert chiefly 30-in one's forties are all-you-can-eat, it receives a fevoreble reception from female office workers in the vicinity usually. 「About 500 yen of the budget of the lunch is also more abundant. I want father who is holding out occasionally slowly by the hotel lunch. 」(Yomishiroshi Miyamoto of this shop chef)The sirloin steak of popularity in the buffet is provided with the rice bread coffee (change liberty).

The steak uses an original, salted and sweetened source for which the source uses the soy sauce and onion apple phone Dobo honey with the cow steak from Australia. Mr./Ms. Miyamoto speaks with "It is possible to rouse oneself to 'Father' by giving oneself new vigor to the saving life".

The future steak source

Japan is good country!
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IP hotel Fukuoka (Fukuokashi Hakataku Nakasu 5) : on June 7.
At limited time「It follows by free one night stay a night stay. Campaign」It entitles it.
The campaign to make the staying fee of the long stay free in the single hotel room of staying on a specified day of the week is done.

At first, "Influence Hanai who stands out at present" (Akirahiroshi Ikeda in charge of announcing to public) and Iu though the project thought about in having worried about the cancellation by the influence of a new influenza.
Still, the decision lingua of the implementation because a new infected person is affirmed in elementary and junior high schools in Hakataku on the eighth , saying that "The countermeasure in the future is included, and a drastic countermeasure can be done at time other than the busy season".

It is cut to use it in ream Tomari when staying in a single standard room on Sunday, Monday and Monday, Tuesday and Tuesday, and Wednesday only by one night stay's worth of a room charge fee (9,240 yen).
Mr./Ms. Ikeda speaks with "It uses for the businessman and the tourist who has room timewise and Yasui's".

The preorder in the telephone is necessary for using the campaign. Until August 31 except July 19 and the 20th.


Japan is good country!
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