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Japan Airlines following a procedure for corporate reorganization planning to sell off "JAL Hotels" that manages about 60 hotels inside and outside the country to Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. has understood the 28th.

JAL Hotels are entrusting the management of the hotel as a brand name such as "Hotel day Wataru" besides two hotels of operating directly of "Ginza Nikko Hotel" and "Hotel Nikko Osaka".

About 50 subsidiary companies of the travel industry etc. are scheduled to sell off and to be liquidated because the resource is concentrated on the air service, and the clearance of JAL Hotels is the parts in motion lingua day Wataru in January this year as for the application of the corporation reorganization law.

Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. is an outlook that consults JAL Hotels whether to leave day Wataru's brand name after buying out as day Wataru.

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