The sleeping module

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Even if the outlay is suppressed, do not want to sacrifice the comfort-.

A profitable hotel and the high speed bus that sticks to a comfortable space are popular in Osaka and Kobe though it is higher for a moment than "Cheap". Each company ..depression.. catches with the business opportunity, and it racks one's brains in the price a sensitive businessman layer even if it incorporates it.

- First-class

The sleeping module of the neomorphism appeared in Osakashi in April. Four usual times every height, width, depth, and 2.1 meters breadthSubscription hotel "First cabin" that images first-class of the aircraft.

4,800 yen a night stay. 32 molded liquid crystal television and internet connection LAN are set up, and a businessman 20-in his forties is aimed at. 「It is possible to stay if 1000 yen is added to a usual sleeping module. I want you to ascertain whether it obtains it. 」With the Obata Mitslcotowari president of the first cabin (Tokyo).

It advances to the international city named a domestic major city, New York, and Rondon such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, and the plan of 50 shops will be drawn by 2015 in the future.

It is high-level business hotel "Yunizo Osaka Yodoyabashi. " of the practice in April in Osaka and Yodoyabashi that "Tokiwa hotel management" (Tokyo) handles. The bed of a high-level brand and the bathroom etc. of making known are set up though a single and 3-5 usual overvalueds from 12,000 yen. This company is enthusiastic, "(City hotel etc.) The customer who flows wants also to win it".

The Kobe Sangu union hotel (Kobeshi Chuoku) put "Deki man's personal appearance plan" that enhanced the vessel for men such as the hair dressings on the market in April. The number of women increases in the office, and it pays attention to the point that the number of men who are the worries about the body odour increases. Four modalities such as the lotion and Facial cleansing foam for the whole body of a fresh smell are arranged. This hotel is spoken usually from 7,100 yen the single with "Appeal point different from other hotels" though the overvalued for about 2,000 yen.

- Shinkansen false mount changing

"Sell from the seat where the price is high. "The head of Shigeru Murase Takayashiro of the Willa travel (Osakashi Kitaku) that operates the high speed bus that connects Keihanshin, the metropolitan area, and Kyushu, etc. talks about the phenomenon since the autumn of last year.

The cheapness was a charm of the the greatest in a conventional high speed bus, and less than 30 years old such as students accounted for 70 percent of the entire user. However, the number of businessmen who use it instead of Shinkansen increases by the depression. "Executive" seat between Tokyo and Osaka introduced last December especially :.   It is full of the reservation and popularity one month or more ahead.

The reason for the hit is coexisting of the cheapness and the comfort. The width of the sheet can only of one person.. be partitioned with it is possible to knock down, and the curtain usual twice about 80 centimeter near the bed. The fee gripped businessman's mind 2-30 percent cheaplyer than 9,800-11,000 yen in one way and Shinkansen.

Kino of ..foot that supports the under multiplication.. "Premium" - ..from Kobe.. The seat is prepared from the knee by 62 centimeters in the sheet width also in the Tokyo line. Shinkansen is setting the fee of modestly-priced.

President Murase「Both the cheapness and the comfort are obtained though the saving intention is expected to be present continuation (The user :). It is important how to incorporate new needs. 」It solves and it gropes for next move.

- Room of subscription hotel "First cabin" that images first-class. The right side is a conventional sleeping module.

- Popular "Executive" seat among businessman introduced into high speed bus of Willa travel

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