It appears in super-exclusive hotel St. Regis and Osaka of 70,000 yen a night stay.

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It appears in super-exclusive hotel St. Regis and Osaka of 70,000 yen a night stay.

It was open to the public in Osaka and the Midosuji measuring up and the journalist open to the public of super-exclusive hotel "St. Regis hotel Osaka" that opened a business in October on the sixth. It the first in Japan advances by the highest class brand of the U.S. star wood group that handles "Sheraton" this time. The room charge from 69,000 yen a night stay is the highest level in the country.

It aims at the win of the well-to-do population with strong foreign tourist and brand consciousness such as China that increase rapidly by the prolonged recession though is severe the business environment of the hotel industry segments. General manager Tetsuya Ishihara spoke in the interview on the same day, "It wants you to be pleased to provide the service of a top quality".

The hotel enters around a multistory floor in 27 story Biru, and guest rooms are 160 rooms. The downtown from a big window of each room to the city can be commanded. A sweet royal of 800,000 yen a night stay that exists in the garret has an independent bedroom and the living dining space, and the breadth is 197 square meters.

The article for sale corresponds to customer needs like arrangements of shoeshine man Kiya and the airline ticket etc. by the situation for 24 hours in the load in the service of Butler (steward) where the training was received. All hotel guests can use it.

- Photograph: Royal sweet of "St. Regis hotel Osaka" open to the public of reporters

- Source: Kyodo News Service

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